Develop your Basketball SKILL

Championship Mindset  |  Detailed Technique  |  Servant Leadership

Does it seem like you are struggling to break through?

Are you separating yourself from the competition?

Does improvement feel like its taking forever?

That's why you need a plan!

Customized Plans:

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Small Group Workouts

Learn, practice & compete with other athletes in a small group setting.

Individualized Workouts

Take ownership of your future success and seperate yourself from the rest.

Skilled Clinics

Give your high school, AAU or youth program an edge.


Get Started Today

1. Schedule a Phone Call

We want to get to know you and schedule our first workout.

2. 1 on 1 Workout

This is a free test run.  It allows us to give you a taste of what being a Skilled Member is all about.

3. Get a Customized Plan

After the 1 on 1, we will work with you  and your coach to create a customized plan.

4. Execute & Win

Armed with the skills you need to excel, you will look fear in the eye and overcome.

Jordan has the knowledge and passion to help players become elite.  His focus on the details and repetition in game format helps translate to success on the court.

Nick Fuller
University of South Dakota
University of Nebraska



Master Coaches ignite a curiosity.  The truth is that you are wired to learn.  Wired to grow.  Wired to lead.  Our job is to guide you on that journey.

Deep Practice

In an empty gym a champion is forged.  Forged through struggle, failure, and pain.   Champions win the battle long before the day of competition.


Armed with the skills you need to excel, you will face your fears.  You will look your challenger in the eye.  You will have the confidence to overcome.

Why Skilled vs. Other Trainers

Skilled Members...

- are given One-on-One coaching to enhance their skill by learning to develop a championship mindset! This helps them take ownership of their development!

- receive weekly coaching as well as daily, individualized workouts. Since skills are learned through daily repeated efforts, these daily, individualized workouts will help you hone your skills.

- are part of a community of athletes that compete together, serve together, and challenge each other to be the best they can be! 

Other Trainers...

- helps correct you by giving you feedback.  Which makes you dependent on them.

- meets with you once or twice a week and leaves you hanging the rest of the week.

- cannot provide the environment of a game to actually put your skills to the test